Thursday, February 28, 2013

L’Oreal Colour Riche Eye Shadow quad in What Happens in Vegas

L’Oreal has some new eyeshadow quads in stores now. I was instantly drawn to the “What happens in Vegas” quad for 2 reasons. First it has nice peachy, orange colors which are hard to find in drugstores and second I LOVE Vegas J

 Quality and Color:
I am not very impressed with the quality or color of this quad. I was expecting the soft buttery texture like Maybelline quads but this has much harder texture. The colors look pretty, swatch pretty, but when you put it on your eyes they looks sheer. Pigmentation of this quad is average; color is hard to show up. You definitely need some cream base for this eyeshadow. Also they have powdery texture. They go all over the place after you dip your brush in it.

First color in the quad is a peach. It is very unique and pretty but you need to have some base on for it to show up. The second color is a highlight pearly off white color. Third one is a muted orange color which is intended to be used in the crease. In my opinion this color is not pigmented enough to become a contour color. And the forth one is a brown shade with glitter. This is supposed to be a definer color. This is an absolutely useless shade - rough, flaky, chunky, glittery, in short very disappointing.

This has a flimsy plastic golden case. I must say that this packaging is hard to keep clean. It is like a magnet for fingerprints. I kept this in my makeup bag just for a couple of hours and the packaging got smudge marks all over it. I tried to clean it but it became smudgier with finger marks on it. It started looking dirty in no time. I hate the packaging.

Staying Power:
This quad doesn’t have a major staying power on its own. When I put a heavy duty base under it like Too faced shadow insurance or Maybelline color tattoo then it lasted about 6-8 hours for me with some fading.

Overall this product is not as good as I was expecting it to be. I love the colors in the pan very much but they don’t look as vibrant when I apply then on my eyes. Texture of this quad is hard, flaky and difficult to work with. Packaging is another problem.
I give 4.5 to this quad on the 1-10 scale.

It costs $6.97-$7.99 depending on the store. They are made in USA.

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