Monday, February 18, 2013

Physicians Formula Nude palette (New Display, Old nude palette review)

Physicians formula is like a high end brand of the drugstore makeup kingdom. Their prices range from $10-$20. The Physicians formula website claims that their products are dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic and made especially for sensitive skin. I have used bronzers, blushes, shimmer strips sold by Physicians Formula, but I think their “eyeshadow shimmer strips in NUDE“ is the most talked about product.

Last year almost every brand tried to mimic the famous Urban Decay Naked palette, and I suppose this one was one of them. I don’t own the Naked palette so I can’t comment on the similarity between them but by the pictures alone they look similar.

Physicians formula now has a new display at Rite Aid with new shades in the Nude shimmer strips. The new shades on display are Natural nude, Warm nude, Classic nude and Smokey Nude. All of them look almost similar to the old Nude palette with a tiny bit of twist. I don’t own any of the new nude palettes so the description below is just by the looks not experience.

From left to right: Neutral nude, Warm nude, Classic nude, Smokey nude

Natural Nude: The colors are mostly in light to medium neutral brown zone. At least from the packaging and the picture from PF website, most of the medium toned colors look alike.

Warm Nude: This palette has light to dark brown shades. It also has some bronzy shades and one dark brown. First three lighter shades look almost exactly like in the old palette.

Classic Nude: It has some taupe shades, browns, peachy colors. It lacks the black though. This looks most similar to the old Nude palette.

Smokey Nude: This palette is beautiful. I could not find it in the store but they have a picture on their website. It has black, grey, taupe, bronzy shades. This seems to be the most versatile out of all.

Old Nude palette that I have (Its been used several times hence the dents )

I have the old Nude palette from PF and that’s what I am going to review. It has total 9 eyeshadow and you can use them wet for intense looks or dry for softer looks. To use it wet, just wet your brush a little and dip it in the color.
Old Nude palette swatches

At the back of the packaging it divides them in trios in which you can wear them. But of course you can mix it the way you please. The packaging also shows that because you can use them wet or dry you have 18 custom shades, 6 custom looks ( 3 trio x 2 wet/dry ) and 6 custom liners ( 3 dark shades x 2 wet/dry).

Except black all the colors have pearlescent finish. They are nice shimmery colors without any glitter. This is very nice everyday palette.

Things I like about this palette:
-          Pretty colors.
-          Good color pay off when applied wet or with primer.
-          Soft, creamy texture.
-          Super cute lace packaging.
-          Travel friendly - relatively small size palette for 9 shadows.
-          With primer they lasted all day for me without creasing.
-          You can use darker colors as eye liners.
-          They are dermatologist testes, hypoallergenic, made forsensitive eyes so the formula doesn’t irritate eye.

Things I don’t like:
-          Strips are “cut” uneven, darker colors are smaller in width than others.
-          Some strips are very small to use with brush. You need a tiny brush for them.
-          Pigmentation could be better.
-          All colors are shimmery.
-          Lighter colors are hard to show up.
-          Applicator is pointy sponge tip, its not much help for a well blended look.

All in all I like this palette very much. It costs $9-$11 varying on store. This palette is made in Taiwan. Physicians formula is on PETA’s cruelty free brand list.

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