Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Blusher

Oh my god. These are the most pigmented blushes ever. They come in four colors: Pearlescent pink, Heather silk, Mellow wine and Berry shimmer.

Don’t be fooled by the mediocre packaging these are wonderful blushes with great color pay off. I cant talk enough about how richly pigmented these are :D  All you need is a light tap with your brush to add nice flush of color to your cheeks, no swirling/sweeping action required J
From Left to Right: Berry Shimmer, Mellow Wine, Heather Silk, Pearlwscent Pink
 These blushes are very soft, they blend effortlessly and they give a nice pop of color. All of these colors are wearable but you can also build them up without looking cakey if you are into dramatic mood.

From Left to Right: Berry Shimmer, Mellow Wine, Heather Silk, Pearlwscent Pink
 Berry Shimmer : This is a deep berry plumy color with red undertone. It is the darkest shade in all four. It has a subtle simmer so your face doesn’t look like a disco ball.

Mellow Wine :  Mellow wine is a beautiful rosy color. It is not too pink, not too brown, just perfect rosy shade with very little red in it. You will notice some silver shimmer in the pan but it doesn’t really transfer on the cheeks.

Heather Silk : This is the only matte color between all the four shades. This shade is gorgeous deep mauve pink. This is universally flattering color.

Pearlescent Pink : This is light peachy pink color with golden shimmer.

One flaw in these blushes is they are powdery and have fallout. But with the great color payoff these are good value for your money. I am a big fan of these blushes.

They cost $2.99 each and they are made in China. Wet n Wild is a cruelty free brand.

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