Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wet n Wild Megalast liquid lipstick - Cherry on top

I have tried many wet ‘n’ wild products and I am a big fan of their products. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about their liquid lipstick.

This is a new type of lipstick recently released by wet ‘n’ wild. I was very excited when I saw these but turned out to be a huge disappointment. The colors are very pretty but I hate the formula.

922 A Cherry on Top

I have the color “922 A Cherry on Top”. It’s a beautiful blue based deep red color. I absolutely love this color. This is a rather thick formula so doesn't need layering for even application. If it wouldn't dry like cement on my lips I would have liked this lipstick very much.

It feels normal when applied but dries out on the lips in a flat matte color in a few minutes and looks like paint. It sucked all life from my lips after it dried out and my lips felt stiff. It settled in the fine lines highlighting every imperfection of my lips which was very unattractive. It has a heavy, dry and very uncomfortable feel.

The lipstick dries like a paint on the lips

I tried applying a gloss and even a lip balm on it so that it would feel better, but the lipstick sucked the moisture in minutes. I swear I did not rub my lips, didn't eat or drink after applying a balm over it but it vanished in five minutes as if my thirsty lipstick sucked it in. The lipstick is also difficult to take off; it comes out patchy and kind of peels off the lips. The formula of this lipstick seems to be waterproof so you need a heavy duty makeup remover and a lot of scrubbing to remove it.

Only good things about this lipstick are that it is pigmented, it costs less, it doesn't transfer after drying and doesn't leave a strain ring around the lips. It is also super long lasting. If you don’t scrub it off it will stay forever.

Only because of the drying effect I wouldn't recommend this lipstick to anybody. This is definitely a miss from Wet n Wild. Their matte lipsticks are far superior to this one.

It costs $2.99 each and they are made in China. As per PETA website Wet n Wild doesn't test products on animals.

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