Friday, April 26, 2013

Neutrogena Color Sticks

Like all the other jumbo lip stick type products Neutrogena has come up with these color sticks. I got two of them - “Warm Caramel” and “Soft Raspberry”. I think all of the Neutrogena color sticks have a shimmery/metallic sheen. They have rather soft neutral colors and they don’t look flashing bright on the lips. I like that because that makes them very wearable everyday lip colors. I have a couple of Neutrogena lipsticks and I love them very much but sometime last year they got discontinued and I was super sad. I am glad they came out with these.
Warm Caramel

Soft Raspberry

Warm Caramel, Soft Raspberry

Warm Caramel is a neutral brownish shade with golden shimmer. And Soft Raspberry is a dusty rose shade with pearly/metallic sheen. I love them both very much. They feel very soft and moisturizing on the lips, they almost feel like a balm. They do not have much staying power; they do not strain the lips. But they have such a comfortable feel on the lips that I don’t mind reapplying them every couple of hours.
My natural lip color

Warm Caramel

Soft Raspberry

Things I Love:
-          Glides on smooth, super soft texture.
-          Feels lightweight on lips and leave lips moisturized (In my opinion)
-          They are shimmery but not glittery
-          I like the smell very much
-          Wearable colors
-          Practical twist up tube packaging

Things that could be better:
-          Limited color selection
-          All the colors are shimmery, some of them can look too frosty on you but you can’t tell from the packaging (before applying).
-          Not true to the tube (packaging) color
-          Most of the colors are sheer

Bottom line, I love these color sticks and the soft glow they provide. Though they are not as pigmented as Revlon Balm stains, I love the consistency and how comfortable they are on the lips. Neutrogena color sticks are more comparable with Revlon lip butters in the consistency and feel. I wish they add more color selection and verity of finishes in the future.

They are definitely a must have for coming summer months. They cost $6.49-$ 8.49 depending on the store. I couldn't find where they are made, it is not mentioned on the packaging. 

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