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Elf 80 piece Day to Night eyeshadow palette (NEW)

I was in Target the other day and I saw a new shelf added in the elf cosmetics section. They have added several new Elf products in Target. They now have baked eyeshadows, jumbo lip gloss sticks, lip exfoliator and a few limited edition palettes. I tried my best to ignore all the new goodies and tried very hard not to get sucked into the temptation of buying them but I saw this Day to Night palette and I had to get it. That’s the only thing I bought that day I swear J

I have Elf’s 32-eyeshadow cool palette and I am not very impressed with it. I mean its good value for $5 but still many of the eyeshadows were too shear and flaky for my taste. Then why buy this right? But I thought that this is a new palette they must have improved the pigmentation and formula. Also this palette looked so much like the BH and Coastal Scents palette. I don’t own any of the BH and Coastal Scents because I don’t really like buying makeup online- sometimes the product is not same, quality sucks, shipping cost, broken things, too many reasons. So I got tempted to buy this one. I feel like I am giving too much explanation about why I bought this palette. But bottom line I bought it. And so far I like it J

 This 80-eyeshadow Day to Night palette is a new spring 2013 limited edition palette. It has two trays with 40 eyeshadow in each tray. The packaging is decent, sturdy plastic black case with two eyeshadow trays and a humongous mirror. The packaging doesn’t specify which tray is for day or night; it just says this: “The interchangeable compact includes 80 must-have eyeshadow shades that are perfect for creating both day and night looks. The sleek palette design is great for travel or on-the-go beauty touch-ups. Includes 2 palettes with 40 eyeshadows each (80 total colors) and a compact case.”

Some random swatches from Day to Night palette

It has wide variety of color selection from neutral colors like peach, browns, grays to fun colors orange, pinks, greens, purples. The eyeshadow texture seems to be softer and creamy than the 32-eyeshadow palette. Pigmentation is improved too. These are not the best pigmented eyeshadows available but they are pretty good. Of course like every palette this one also has some misses but all in all I like it and for $10 I think this is a great palette.

I bought it from Target for $10. This is also available on for $15 and currently they have ½ off sale on spring 2013 items so this is a good time to get it if you what. Elf does not test on animals.

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