Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maybelline Color sensational Vivid lipstick in HOT PLUM

Maybelline has come up recently with these bright color sensational vivid lipsticks. And they are absolutely gorgeous. Most of them are in the neon color family. There are total 10 shades of this kind and I picked up a shade called hot plum.

This lipstick is pigmented, very creamy (and they don’t dry out on the lips), glides on smoothly, looks glossy and the staying power is pretty good too. It got me through an entire evening (with dinner) without a touch up.

By the name “hot plum” I had expected it to be more purple pink color but it is actually a hot pink shade. Also it has some funky waxy smell. But for me all the Maybelline lipsticks have that. Other than that I like this lipstick very much. I will probably pick up shocking coral next J

These lipsticks cost $5.50-8.50 depending on the store. And they are made in USA.

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