Friday, May 24, 2013

My Favorite sunscreen: Neutrogena Clear Face

I recently got a lesson from my dermatologist about the use of sunscreen. I mean I knew that it is very important to use sunscreen everyday and all but I was not very consistent with using a sunscreen for a couple of reasons. I hated the sunscreen smell and the oiliness. Even if they claim to be oil free, fragrance free I did not have any good luck with liking a particular sunscreen.

It has very light weight texture

Easy to absorb, no oily cast
Neutrogena clear face solves both of my problems. It doesn’t have any overpowering smell and it goes on so smooth almost like a face primer. My skin is on drier side, not super duper dry but still drier than normal. Even then I used to get the oily white cast from most of the oil-free sunscreens. This one does not make my skin super dry or oily. My husband has oily skin and his doctor recommended using a moisturizer which has exact same ingredients as Neutrogena clear face and that moisturizer helps my husband in oil control so does the Neutrogena sunscreen. It has a liquidy texture so it gets absorbed right away. It is good under makeup or on its own.

Just an FYI I saw some program the other day on TV, it was about skin cancer awareness. I heard Jennifer Garner (who is spokesperson for Neutrogena) saying: If you have got sunburned once in your childhood, you chances of getting skin cancer doubles. I don’t know if it true or not but I made this sunscreen part of my daily routine after hearing that J
I use the SPF 55 one. It has a broad spectrum (uva-uvb) SPF 55. The packaging says it is ultra-light, oil-free, water resistant (80 mins) and it won’t cause any breakouts. For me, it behaves exactly like it claims. Definitely a must have for me. I am going to keep purchasing this item forever.  I love this sunscreen.

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