Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Forever 21 Eye Brush Set

This is such an unexpected find J I was browsing the Forever 21 accessory aisle few days back and I came across a very nice display of their makeup brushes and applicators. I had seen their eyeshadow and face palettes before but never paid any attention to the brushes. This eye brush set seems nice for $4.80 value so I picked them up.

 Contour blender brush:
I wish it could spread it a little for softer blending but it is not a bad brush. Works more like a pencil brush for me. 

All over eye blender brush:
Feels like a small concealer brush. Dense, stiff but it can be used to pack eyeshadow. In my opinion it is too stiff for blending.

Liner brush:
This is a standard liner brush. 

Mini smudger brush:
I like this brush. It is very good to pack the color on or to smudge the color at the lower lash line.

The brushes seem to be nicely built. The bristles are soft and densely packed. But that makes the brushes pretty stiff. They are soft but they are stiff so they don’t spread out for blending. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I just wanted to mention that. Oh one more thing, they all have a pointy tip. They are tapered to a sharp point. I am using these brushes for over a month now (washed them once) and they did not shed a bristle so far.

All in all they are nice quality brushes, definitely a good value for money. These brushes are a very nice option for makeup beginners. I might pick up their face blushes when I visit forever 21 again. They are made in China.

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